July 12, 2018

Well today was the day where I finally let go of any imperfections that may still exist in my thesis paper and uploaded it to the digital world.   It was amazing how many times I was able to refine each sentence to arrive at statements that were less informed by my personal beliefs and reflective more of the research.  As I reread each paragraph over and over, I could help but feel a bit of nostalgia for the last...

August 15, 2017

It wasn’t ten minutes after the successful completion of my MFA thesis defense at OCADUthat I had professors and advisors asking me, “Now what?”.  I could feel my eyes go wide and my jaw drop as I didn’t expect this from my academic and artistic peers.  This is the type of question you get from the worried parents or the post-secondary naysayers who don’t believe that an arts degree will get you anywhere. I answer...

May 7, 2017

Once the political capital and part of the Castilian textile industry, Toledo “liked to think of itself as a second Rome."  Built on seven hills, "the city served as the sea to the court until the decision of Philip II in 1561 to make Madrid his capital.“(1)  Prior to this tumultuous decision to move the royal court, Toledo, the largest city, was located “at the center of the Iberian Peninsula [...], a natural sto...

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