Notation of Protection by Jill Price
Collection of Maria and Joseph Jurado, graphite on folded stonehenge, 13" x 13
Jill Price, Material Impression, 2018
Collection of Maria and Joseph Jurado
Jill Price, Material Entanglement, 2018,
Jill Price, Linear Antiquity, 2018graphi
Jill Price, Hidden Notation #1, 2018
Collection of Leonor Ale
Jill Price, Abstract Notations, 2018, 10
Graphite, Charcoal and Hydrocal on paper, 12" x 8" x 6"
Jill Price, Budding Notation, 2018, 6 x
Graphite, charcoal and hydrocal on paper
Jill Price, Material Artefact, David and
Shelved Notation, Jill Price
stonehenge, hydrocal and graphite, 5" x 5" x 3"
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NOTATIONS and ARTifacts are an ongoing series of drawings that acknowledge the importance of planning, process as well as the inevitable waste that accompanies concept development and creative production .  Working with old sketches, trimmings, failed illustrations, inadequate compositions and conceptual one-offs, works on paper are scrunched as if to be discarded and then dipped in paint or plaster as a way of editing or erasing earlier iterations.  At times covered in graphite and allowing for remnants of past concepts to come through, the paper transforms from substrate to a drawing due to the lines, folds, shapes, volume and shadows that emerge from its new 3D form.  

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Jill Price, Linear Antiquity, 2018graphi