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Jill Price, Critical Compost Artist Multiple_edited.jpg

Inspired by text-based works and dematerialization of the 1960’s, ’70s and ’80s, Critical Compost is one component of my Ph.D. thesis, From Unsetting to UN/making, that examines how artists can create in a way so that our practice goes back to the land in a good way. Particularly interested in designers, crafts persons and interdisciplinary artists who undertake temporary, unexpected, necessary or durational acts of un/making so as to acknowledge the liveliness and agency of human and more-than-human beings often othered or rendered absent through anthropogenic perspectives and approaches to land, Critical Compost specifically redresses all the material/waste contained within old essay drafts, theoretical texts, comprehensive exams, grant applications and other written documents affiliated with post secondary education and the business of being an artist. Designed to offer the audience a variety of ways that shredded paper can be put to good use rather than going directly to recycling, processes which often require the use of more natural resources than the production of new goods, the multiple is also aligned with a performative composting event in which I worked with the Union Gallery and the larger community at Queen’s University to prepare a neglected garden bed for the spring planting of my hand-written thesis on seed paper. To purchase your refillable edition, email

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