UNFURLED: Unsettling the Archive From a More-than-human Perspective 

An extension of earlier research into the ecological, social and psychological shadows of today’s global textile industry, research which pointed to leather and fur as one of the earliest materials utilized to protect humans from the elements, Unfurled is a an exhibition that playfully speculates on how animals might choose to engage with, frame, label and question material objects held within the archives of museums rather than simply be on display.

Drawing out narratives based on animals hunted, trapped and exchanged as part of the North American fur trade, the capitalist enterprise that led to the narrows between Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching becoming a key site for cultural and capital exchange and the eventual formation of Orillia as a European settlement, the installation utilizes objects and materials held within OMAH’s historical collection, the larger archives of consumerist culture and word play to point to that which animals and humans have in common as well as alludes to how their thriving abundance led to the material wealth of their prime predators.

Disclaimer: No animals were hurt or killed during the production of this exhibition. 

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