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Selected Exhibition History

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2026 We Art Forest, MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, Ontario

2023 From Unsettling to UN/making, Union Gallery, Kingston, Ontario
2023 UN/making the Mould, Ontario Craft Council, Toronto, Ontario (Spring)
2022 UN/making the Frame, Campus Gallery, Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario (fall)
2021 Unfurled: Unsettling the Archive from a More-than-human Perspective, OMAH

2019 Entanglements, Queen’s University: Pot-pourri Gallery, Kingston, Ontario

2018 Material Witness, Toronto Offsite Design Festival, GravityPope, Toronto, Ontario

2017 Land as Archive, YYZ Artist Outlet, Toronto, Ontario

2013 Processed, The Art Exchange, London, Ontario

2012 Process-ed, Claustro Gallery, Midland, Ontario

2011 Fabricated Landscapes, Double Doors, Anten Mills, Ontario 

2011 Global Landscapes, Museum London, “, London, Ontario

2011 Rural Transitions, Art Exchange, London, Ontario
2004 An International Affair, The Art Exchange, London, Ontario
2001 Art Attack, Galleries @the Galleria, London, Ontario

Two or Three Person

2026 We Are Forest, Mississauga Art Centre, Mississauga, Ontario
2022 Becoming Rock, Jill Price & Frances Thomas, (City of Barrie Culture Days)
2021 Lush, J. Price & Marlene Hilton Moore, Be Contemporary
2019 The Reconfiguration of Similar Elements to a Separate Effect, J. Price & T. Di Rosio, Durham Art Gallery, Ont. (OAC)
2018 Two Legacies, Jill Price & Tanya Cunnington, Maclaren Art Centre, Barrie, (OAC) 
2016 Re/Constructed Nature, J. Price, D. Salazar & A. Mangaard, Grad Gallery, OCADU
2015 Hills Above & Holes Below, J. Price & J. Faye Powell, Westland Gallery, London, On.
2015 Embedded Notations, Jill Price & Melissa Robertson, Double Doors, Anten Mills, On.
2013 Crafted Realities, Jill Price & Jesse Bromm, Gallery 111, Barrie, Ont.
2013 Tangled Reality: Jill Price and Magdolene Dykstra, Bartlett Gallery, Caledon, Ontario
2000 THE BOD SQUAD “More than a Handful”, Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario

Juried, Group or Invitational Exhibition

2023 Geological Epoch, curated by Mary Mattingly, EcoArtSpace, Online

2023 With the Land, curated by S. Kerr, Agnes Etherington Art Centre & No. 9 Garden

2022 Imagining Sustainable Futures, curated by Akosua Adasi, Union Gallery, Kingston
2022 Field Notes, Base 31, Prince Edward County
2022 Community Resilience, Post Carbon Institute, Stanford University (Online Exhibition)
2022 Portraits of Resilience, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario
2021 EARTH DAY 2021: Stop Extinction! Restore the Earth, Embassy Cultural House
2020 At Intervals, AUTO BDLG, Toronto, Ontario
2019 Hard Twist 14, curated by C. Mitchell and H. Frei, Entanglements, Gladstone Hotel, 
2018 Re/Searching, Art & Media Lab, Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, 
2018 Grow Op, Material Witness, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Ontario
2016 Raw Material, Aurora Cultural Centre,  Aurora, Ontario
2014 Some Restrictions May Apply, curated by Chai Duncan, Propeller Art Centre

2014 Faculty Show, Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario
2014 Annual Juried Show (Award Winner), Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, Ontario
2013 In the Dwelling House: Views of Domestic Farm Life, Gibson Centre
2013 8th Annual Desmond Juried Art Show (Honourable Mention) University of Guelph
2013 Annual Juried Show (Award Winner), Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, Ontario
2012 World Art Games Exhibition, Izmir, Turkey
2012, 2013 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario
2012 Water Effects-The Watershed Project, City Hall Rotunda, Barrie, Ontario
2012 The Artist Project 2012, Toronto, Ontario
2012 Waterline / Timeline, Orillia Museum of Art and History, Orillia, Ontario
2011 Lake Effects - The Watershed Project, City Hall Rotunda, Barrie, Ontario
2011, 2012, 2013 Queen Street West Art Crawl, Toronto, Ontario
2011 Time Frame, Alton Mills Gallery, Caledon, Ontario
2011 Eco, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Ontario
2006 In Good Company, McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario
2006 Open Air III: Art and Architecture, London, Ontario
2005 You Are Here, Museum London -1 Dundas Street, London, Ontario
2005 Future Collectives, McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario
2001 Not Legal, Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario
2001 Nasty Thoughts, Definitely Superior, Thunderbay, Ontario
2001 Zine, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Ontario

Artist Talks & Academic Presentations


2024 Geological Epoch: UN/making & Un-development, Janna Holmstedt & Malin Lobell (p)Art of Biomass, Jill Price, Lauren Bon + Metabolic Studio, and Eliza Evans, EcoArtSpace, January 18


2022 UN/making the Frame, Campus Gallery, Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario


2022 Promoting climate resilient cities and fostering social engagement through interdisciplinary work by Melissa McLeod, Regan Cross, Ryan Zhou, Jill Price, & Julianah Adediji, 52nd Ontario Ecology, Ethology, & Evolution Colloquium, Queen’s University, Kingston, On., May 25-27


2022 Outside In, Panel: Unmaking, Global Landscape, Looking to Art History to Help UN/make Anthropocenic Perspectives and Processes, UAL & OCADU, Online Virtual Conference, May 19, 26


2022 When a Research-Creation PhD Discourages Further Research or Creation in the Public Realm, Panel: More Than Human Ethics, Failure: Systems at their Limit, Concordia University, Montreal, May 12-13

2022 Unsettling Art: A Minefield of Ethical and Material Fallacies and Hypocrisies, Panel #6 - Chair: Pedro Alves, Traumatic Landscapes, School of Arts at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto, Portugal, May 4-6

2022 How Looking to Art History can help UN/make Anthropocenic Perspectives and Practices Towards Land, Unsettling the Landscape, Chaired by Dr Norman Vorano, Context and Meaning: Art and the Anthropocene Conference, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

2021 Guest Lecturer, When Research-Creation Research Tells you to stop Researching and Creating, Research-Creation Graduate Course, Queen’s University
2021 Guest Lecturer, Where Ecology, Art and Ethics Meet, HUMN Environmental Ethics, Emily Carr University, BC


2021 Women and Sculpture, MacLaren Art Centre and Be Contemporary, Barrie, Ontario

2021 Let the Fur Fly: Past and Contemporary Histories of the Fur Trade, Orillia Museum of Art and History

2020 When Research in a Research-Creation PhD Discourages Further Research or Creation in Academic Spheres and the Public Realm, Research-Creation Roundtable | A Current and Critical Evaluation of Ethics in Creative Methods and Scholarship, co-chaired by Lois Klassen and Stéfy McKnight, UACC


2020 Adaptation as Ideation: An Invitation to Unmake the Lawn of Fort Henry, Undisciplined Conf., Kingston, On.

2020 Undoing as Activism: A Movement Towards Slow Art, Bigh Righ Centre, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

2019 Undoing as Activism, Accelerated Art / Accelerated Culture, UACC, Quebec City

2019 Unmaking One’s Way Out of the Anthropocene, Performance & Paper, Undisciplined Graduate Conference, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Friday, April 5

2019 Material Shadows, Artist Presentation & Poster, Jacalyn Duffin Health & Humanities Conference, Feb 8

2019 Re-Craftivism:  Unmaking One’s Way Out of the Anthropocene, Cultural Studies Grad Chat, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, February 5


2019 A Day of Undoing, Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Ontario

2019 A Day of Undoing, Propeller Art Centre, Toronto, Ontario

2019 Two Legacies Artist Talk, Maclaren Art Centre, Barrie, Ontario

2018 / 2019, An Argument for Practice-led Research, Guest Lecturer, Colloquium Practicum, OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario

2018 Wound Up, Exhibition Discussion Panel Member with Lindsey Wilson, Johanna Amos, Union Gallery, Kingston, Ontario, Oct. 17

October 4, 2017, Material Witness: An Argument for Practice Led Research, Midland, Ontario

2016 Shadows of Enlightenment, Re/Constructed Nature Artist Talk, Grad Gallery, OCADU, Toronto, Ontario


2015 Unguarded, Exhibition Discussion Panel Member, OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario

January 2013 The History and Process behind Process-ed, The Art Exchange, London, Ontario

June 2012, The History and Process behind Process-ed, Claustro Gallery, Midland, Ontario

March 2011, The Importance of Materiality, The Barrie Art Club, Barrie, Ontario

March 2007 Feature Artist Forum: Museum London, London, Ontario

2006, Artist Talk Tuesdays, McIntosh Gallery, “In Good Company”, London, Ontario

February 2006 Visiting Artist Talk: Lambeth Art Association, Lambeth, Ontario

June 2000 “Lust for Life: Collecting Art” Galleries @ the Galleria, London, Ontario

Sept. 2000 “Nude vs. Naked” Working figuratively while subverting the pornographic. Galleries @ the Galleria, London, Ontario

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