Attempting to address each item in the Craftivist Collective's Manifesto (1), this week I will reflect on number three, "Solidarity not Sympathy", which is clarified as "preserving the dignity of others by showing solidarity with them in your craft. Understand their struggles and you will understand their solutions. Activism is not about charity."

This particular item in the manifesto continues to create perso...

Two weeks ago I outlined how I will be continuing to investigate textiles and how they reify colonial capitalist ideologies through economic chains that bring about ecological and social trauma.  Before I begin to write too deeply about the research, I thought I would take the opportunity to outline what Re-Craftivism is and where it originated from within contemporary Western culture. This week I will write abou...

Reflective writing exploring how we are embedded within a global capitalist network of trauma and material excess. This blog looks at why we should recraft how we consume, use and dispose of furniture.

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