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Welcome to the UN/MAKING NETWORK blog, a space where I share personal explorations into UN/making as well as discuss the history and other contemporary approaches to unmaking. 



Thank you for all the support you have shown The UN/maker Series interviews. There has been quite a hiatus between conducting the interview with Elvira Hufschmid and being able to publish it for the public due to many technological difficulties that required its re-recording, editing and learning a new video editing program due to Microsoft deeming my old program obsolete. These delays were additionally prolonged due to the production and refining of a 250-page thesis paper (yikes), harvesting seeds from the garden I planted at Union Gallery and the creation of more seed paper at the Paperhouse Studio in Toronto in preparation for the hand rendering of the UN/making Methodology. Now ready for viewing or listening, I hope you will gain new insight into how to further UN/make harm through your creative practice and share with others interested in embracing more eco-ethical ways of thinking and doing.

For those curious about how my Ph.D. is coming along, I am scheduled to defend on November 10th in Kingston, Ontario! Am I nervous? Absolutely! However, I have been distracting myself by trying to figure out what I will do next beyond starting to research how I can get more involved with groups/artists working with forests in the Simcoe County region. If anyone has any suggestions, please reach out, as I would like to continue incorporating environmental care and repair into my research and output.

An image of plants drawing on watercolour paper with their shadows cast by the sun.
Botanical Drawing by Jill Price

So what do I know? I know I have been asked to lead a mixed-media artist retreat in Sicily, Italy, in March! This workshop will focus on the unique beauty, materiality and agency of plants within this Italian landscape, so whether you like to draw or paint landscapes, animals, the human figure or plants themselves, it will be a rich week of experimentation and discussion to explore how we are connected to these magical beings and how artists can respectfully use trees or other botanical bodies as substrate, subject or medium. Here's the link to discover what the retreat includes and book one of the few spots left. Please note this is not strictly an oil painting retreat, as we will be playing with plants as pigment.

The other good news is I am sharing an studio with Tyler Durbano at 8 Sarjeant Drive in Barrie, Ontario in the same building , where Frances Thomas has her studio space. We would love it if you would join us for an open house later in November to celebrate this coming together of bodies, ideas and art.

Hold the date invitation depicting four different studio shots @studio8

For those of you who would like to follow along a little more closely, you can follow me on Instagram at, where I often publish the performative aspects and outcomes of my research. To check out some of the works I have been creating due to making UNmaking older works, visit my new page of Peggy to view and collect my latest abstract collages and graphite drawings.

Have a great fall, Jill.

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Well there is still more UN/maker interviews to be published and I am slowly updating the UN/making Dictionary before I begin developing a comprehensive library that can help creatives UN/make themselves from systems of harm as well as assist in the care and repair of the planet, but I have finally reached the final stage of my research-creation Ph.D. entitled From Unsettling to UN/making: A Critical Methodology for UN/making Anthropocenic Perspectives and Gestures Towards Land.

A yellow advertisement announcing the time and place for Jill Price's seed collection which shows two different types of seeds already gathered in zip lock bags
Union Gallery Advertisement designed by Abby Nowakowski

Scheduled to submit my final thesis paper on September 30th, UN/MAKING LOSS: Collecting Seeds for the Future is the

final performance in which I will collect seeds generated by the garden I planted at Union Gallery on Queen's University Campus. Join me on Thursday the 21st from 12-3 p.m. to ensure wildflower seeds will be planted and bloom again next year.

Participants will be able to help collect seeds to take and receive one of my newly created sheets of seed paper incorporating seeds collected from the garden earlier this summer. Everyone is also invited to share the results of their planting with the @unmakingnetwork during the spring and summer of 2024.

Interested in where some of my seed paper has been planted so far? Visit my From Unsettling to UN/making Google Map to check out people who have taken sheets of my thesis to place in the ground elsewhere.

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Thank you to those who have been following along with the UN/maker Series to date. The second podcast interview is now live! Entitled UN/making as Speculation and Collaboration, I spent a lovely hour with Guelph artist Lisa Hirmer discussing the importance of taking a variety of human and more-than-human perspectives into consideration when creating so as to help manifest more inclusive and just spaces for being and doing. Click on the links above to check out all the interviews, listen to the podcast or check out some of Lisa's amazing projects. Again a big thank you to the MacLaren Art Centre for sponsoring this series of interview by allowing me to use their professional zoom account!

Other good news, the garden I planted with my PhD thesis handwritten onto seed paper seems to be growing! Although still reflecting the grid like shape of how the pages were laid out, milkweed is one wildflower that is beginning to visibly disrupt the colonial division of space. I would like to express sincere gratitude to Morgan Wedderspoon and Abby Nowkowski of Union Gallery for caring for From Unsettling to UN/making while I spend the next four weeks immersed in writing and editing.

For those of you who live in Simcoe County, I would also like to invite you come to the unveiling of The Jack Pine (Group of Seven), 2022 on Monday, June 19th from 6-8 pm. Starting as a temporary gallery installation for an exhibition entitled Imagining Sustainable Futures curated by Akosua Adasi, this adaptation of Tom Thompson's painting The Jack Pine, now has a permanent home on the homestead of Petra Hewson.

For those of you who would like to follow along a little more closely, you can follow me on Instagram at where I often publish the performative aspects and outcomes of my research. To check out some of the works I have been creating as a result of unmaking older works, visit my Saatchi page to see my latest collages and paintings. Hope to see you on Monday, June 19th!


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