Embedded with memory, magnetism and potential, materials have a way of shifting, lingering and re-configuring over, in and outside of measurable increments of time.  Within this interconnected and interdependent vortex of moments, form and space, one can witness both the flattening and differentiation of matter.  It is in these vacuous constructs where environments become geologically and conceptually layered and one may encounter slippage where humans become objects, objects become land, land becomes human and objects having agency over both. 

Fascinated with how the material and non-material are interconnected and interdependent ecosystems of matter, my work strives to visualize the abstractness of universal arrangements that connect us, while presenting non-linear narratives that play with the ideas of context, reality and the perception of both.  Utilizing the methodology of material complicity, I listen to, follow and allow material agency to arrive at hidden narratives and histories embedded in the media and materials that continue to define, disguise and determine our cultural and individual identities. 


Looking at the intersection of drawing & textiles, perfect metaphors for the networks and systems that constitute the interwoven and layered nature of our global environment, my work takes an interdisciplinary and theoretical approach to the tradition of landscape.  Practice-led research often combines the use of data and working with reclaimed goods to consider the ecological realities of the Anthropocene while critiquing the spectacle of consumerism.   

Often embracing methods of deconstruction and reconstruction, pulling, layering, mending and other forms of assemblage such as knitting, wrapping, embroidery and stitching help to draw out narratives interwoven into material goods.

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