jill price drawing, performative drawing, conceptual landscape art, Canadian Art, Jill Price art


Personally investigating my role as a Canadian artist of white, settler descent amidst global ecological crisis and this nation's long journey into truth and reconciliation, I draw from my deep connection to the land to draw out narratives embedded or attached to different materials. In pointing to the liveliness of objects and their constituent parts, I shine a light on socio-political, economic and environmental entanglements of our daily existence.  Contemplating how artists can go about disrupting beliefs, traditions and behaviours that bind one to anthropocentric perspectives, presentations and approaches to land, I

combine conceptual methods of art with the materials of craft and word play, to visualize how the world is made up of highly interconnected and interdependent systems of physical and invisible materials that privilege or lead to the mattering of some human and non-human bodies over the lives of others.

Also intrigued with how one's waste or excess can become the raw, I am currently researching unmaking as a creative act so as to acknowledge that all "art is land art" and to develop a critical methodology and curriculum that would assist me in working as an artist-in-residence within a variety of institutions and across a range of fields of study to model how methods of undoing and unmaking can make room for the resurgence of different voices, innovation and sustainable worlds.