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Curated by Jill Price

May  - July, 2021
Bonavista, Newfoundland


Exhibiting artists: Valerie Carew (ON), Twyla Exner (BC), Emily Jan  (QC), Jennifer Anne Kelly (ON), Bev Koski (BC), Pat Loucks & Violet Rosengarten (NS), Robyn Love  (NL), Michael M. Simon (ON), Stephanie Stoker & Susan Furneaux (NL), Dr. Amanda White,(ON), Everett Wong, (BC

REcrafted is an exhibition of contemporary craft from across Canada that will celebrate creatives who use unmaking as a method to arrive at new reconfigurations of physical and cultural material so as to offer up alternative narratives and engagement with the worlds around us. Click on the logo or the facebook link to find out other details about this national celebration of craft and register for participation at a series of workshops.


Independent Curatorial Projects

2020 RE-crafted: 2020 Craft on the Edge Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Bonavista Peninsula,

2019 UNMADE: Unmaking as a Creative Act, Propeller Art Centre, Toronto, Ontario

2011, 2012, 2013 Arts ce Soir: An all-night contemporary art event, (City of Barrie Project Grants)

1996 Boundaries: Glimpses of Censorship, ArtLab, Western University, London, Ontario


Quest Art (August 2013 - Fall 2018), Midland, Ontario


October 2018, From Food to Monument: Northern Retellings: Aylan Couchie, Lisa Myers, Leah Decter
 (OAC Project Grant)

June 2018, Charles Pachter: A Canadian Portrait

March 2018, Voices of Paint: Jennifer Wigmore, Frances Thomas, Sonia Haberstich

January 2018, Shipped: Ed Burtynsky, Victoria Ward, Gary Blundell, Todd Tremeer, Murray Van Halem

October 2017, Peripheral: Rod Prouse

January 2017 UN/Natural: Liz Eakins, Liz Menard, Becky Comber, Kate Civiero

October 2016, HWY 69: Joseph Hartman and Jason Brown (OAC Project Grant)

June 2016: Public Domain: Allyson Glenn and Nathalie Quagliotto

March 2016, What Lies Beneath: Tina Poplawski and Jenny Iserman

January 2016, Assembling New Realities: Chai Duncan, Ross Bonfanti, Heather Marchand,
Valerie Marchand, G. Szabo

September 2015, Venus and the Doll: Marlene Hilton Moore

June 2015, Colliding Natures: Brian Burnett and John Notten

June 2014 The New Canadian Naturalist: Michael Farnan

Nov. 2013, Nurtured: Land as Child, Ila Kellerman

Sept. 2013 Nindede (father): Arthur, Travis & Bewabon Shilling


Gallery 111 (December 2012 - September 2014), Barrie, Ontario

Mad and Noisy Gallery (August 2011 - January 2013), Creemore, Ontario

Galleries @ the Galleria, London, Ontario

2000 “Faces of London: Portraits of Local Artists by Local Artists, McIntosh Collection

2000 “Layers of London: Archaeology in Victoria Park”, 

2000 “Under Exposed: Celebrating the Fine Art of Photography through Contemporary Artworks
Selected from the Collections of Museum London and the McIntosh Gallery

Forest City Gallery

1998 “Forest City Gallery’s 25th Anniversary Archival Exhibition” London, Ontario

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