UNSETTLING the HORIZON - May 14, 15, 10 am - 12 pm, 3 - 4 pm

A Master Class for Artistic Practitioners wishing to help UN/make Colonial Perspectives Towards Land

This ZOOM workshop will lead participants through a series of sensory and writing activities to build a more personal visual vocabulary that recognizes the deep ecologies of where one lives and the interdependence one has with other humans and more than human-beings within shared environments. In between morning exercises and afternoon group critiques, participants will have the opportunity to play with different strategies to reconfigure existing landscapes that carry forward the myths of unoccupied land and endless wilderness.

*Note: Out of respect for the ecological realities of the earth and the nature of this workshop, Price requests artists work with existing drawings and paintings as their starting point. An additionaly material list will be supplied once participants are registered.


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Propeller Art Gallery: UNMADE

June 26 — July 14, 2019

Curator's Talk: July 14, 2 — 4 pm
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UNMADE is a curated exhibition of forty works from thirty-five artists that examines “unmaking as a creative act” for an exhibition @ Propeller Art Gallery.  As part of a self-reflexive journey that considers what it means to consume, make and curate in a moment of deep ecological crisis, I conceptualized UNMADE, an exhibition ‘hailing’[i] artists to move outside of colonial capitalist systems that encourage mass production and therefore the mass destruction of environments that sustain us.

Image: Mutate, Joseph Muscat (Colour Photograph, 16" x 20")

Propeller Art Gallery

A Day of Undoing Workshop

Join Jill Price for an exploratory day of unmaking on Saturday, May 4th from 10 - 2 pm. After a short powerpoint presentation on Undoing as Activism, join Price in considering your roles as a maker and consumer in times of ecological crisis. Encouraging observation, reflection and imagination, participants will engage in a series of unmaking exercises that will help them come more in relation to objects, the land and humans. Participants are encouraged to bring one or two small objects or art works to "unmake" through different artistic methods. Artists are encouraged to bring any tools that might assist in the dismantling of those objects (scissors, Exacto knife, paint, brush, fabric, drawing materials, a pair of protective gloves, and a camera / cell phone.

Plus Art Fair, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

June 7 – 10, 2018

PLUS Art Festival (PLUS AF) is a national exhibition and celebration of Canadian artists who have a Master of Fine Arts degree. Hosted at the Gladstone Hotel from June 7 – 10, 2018, the festival celebrates the next generation of artists with rigorous risk-taking artistic practices across a broad range of disciplines including Drawing/Painting, Sculpture/Installation, Performance, Photography, Textile/Fiber, Film/Video and Printmaking.  PLUS will encompass newly commissioned artworks, a group exhibition, programming series and film screenings. PLUS AF advances edgy, overlooked and under represented emerging artists producing contemporary art in Canada.