Abstract Realities

September 19 to October 18, 2020


Participating Artists: Patti Agapi, Amy Bagshaw, Nathalie Bertin, Carey Cruise, Luci Dilkus, Gail Esau, Midori Fullerton, Ted Fullerton, Marlene Hilton-Moore, Tim Laurin, Christina Luck, Chum McLeod, Jill Price, Amy Switzer, Bernice Vasey 


A Sculpture Exhibition provides some respite in these challenging times. A sense of abstract reality is a tool that enables us to make sense between truth and untruth, fantasy and reality. Currently, the society we know is fractured and disconnected; we find ourselves in limbo. The arts help us cope; sharing the creativity and vision of these artists provides a much-needed grounding in these uncertain times. Curated by Jeanette Luchese.

In-person, book your visit: visitors@becontemporarygallery.com

 Thursday - Sunday 11 am to 5 pm

or call: 705 431-4044

At Intervals


An exhibition drawing attention to time as an unpredictable and sometimes imperceivable material.

Zach Atticus, Franziska Barczyk, Erin Candela, Felicia Cirste, Dorota Dziong, Christopher Gardiner, Tonya Hart, Dalia Hassan, Mary Kainer, James A. Laforet, (Jessie) Jihyun Lee, Neil Maguire, Linds Miyo, Hamid Mohammadi, Jill Price, Erin Williamson


Beginning in October of 2019, Akin launched its second year of hosting artists-in-residence at 158 Sterling Road. Working across a wide range of disciplines and at their own pace, the material realities of COVID 19 worked to draw attention to time as an unpredictable material that brings about change or taunts us with the unknown.  Dedicated to sharing and growing their practice, the work on display represents some of the artists who chose to retain their studios with AKIN by working in intervals and following physical distancing protocols to thwart the risks of co-working spaces and shared public facilities.


Click on the invite to hear a short artist talk about my work Read the full exhibition essay here.  


John B. Aird Gallery l TORONTO

Online Exhibit / Art Book Launch: October 22, 2020 

This juried/curated exhibition will showcase paintings by contemporary Canadian artists. For this exhibition, a painting is defined as a work of art made from paint applied to canvas, wood, paper, or other support. This broad definition is intended to open the exhibition to entries reflecting a wide variety of contemporary painting techniques and practices.

Juror/Curator: Niki Dracos

View the exhibition catalogue online beginning October 30, 2020

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