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RE/CRAFTED catalogue and curatorial essay, 2021
UNMADE catalogue and curatorial essay, 2019
Land as Archive: A Collection of Seen and Unseen Shadows, OCADU MFA Thesis, 2017
Trop Urbain, “Tribute to Passaic: Re-enactment of Robert Smithson’s journey in New Jersey”, 2018

OCAD InStudio “Still Building for the Future: A Look Back with Alumna Audrey Mercer”, Winter 2017
OCAD InStudio “Regard for the Discarded: 3 OCAD students look at the forgotten as raw material”, Spring ‘17
OCAD InStudio “Street Level Art: Hadley + Maxwell sculpting for the public sphere”, Spring 2016

OCAD InStudio “Straordinario! Florence, an extraordinary place for transdisciplinary practice”, Fall 2016
London Arts Council Newsletter Vol. 24: " Governance in the Arts", p 5, Spring Issue, 2002
Paradigm Magazine “Galleries @ the Galleria: A Partnering of the Public Arts”, Issue 9, Sum. 2000
London Free Press, “Next Gallery Director needs to be Mega-talented”July 12th, 1998
Scene Magazine “Sisters and White Bread” Curated by Jewel Goodwyn, Mar 6 - Mar 13, 1997
Scene Magazine “The Matters of Sheila Butler”, Mar 27 - Apr 3, 1997
Scene Magazine “The Colourless Palette of Ron Martin”, Apr 3 - Apr 10, 1997
Scene Magazine ”Interesting Trinity of Displays at the LRAHM”, VOL.7-NO.25
Scene Magazine “Ann Kipling - Light, Time and Energy”, VOL.7-NO.20
Scene Magazine ”Herb Ariss - A Soldier of Art presents Vignettes”, VOL.7-NO.11                           
Scene Magazine ”Fern Helfand - Time Structured Visual Editorials”, VOL.7-NO.8
Scene Magazine ”Ron Benner - All That Has Value”, VOL.6-NO.36

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