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THE UN/MADE Currently confronting my settler past, present and future by considering what it means to consume, create and curate during a time of deep ecological and social crisis, I am investigating how unmaking can be an interdisciplinary methodology that offers ways to reconcile one’s past while making reparations and room for new futurities.  Surprising generative, unmaking in the studio involves endless exploration of processes such as erasure, cutting away, tearing, painting over, abstracting, disrupting and reconfiguration.  Outside of the studio, unmaking can come to mean resisting, refusing, relinquishing, redesigning, decolonizing, enacting, returning...or any other number of actions that help to slow or stop harm to human and more-than-human bodies and their relevant geographies. Below you will find material experimentations in which I have deconstructed and reconfigured old works and other items within my personal archive of things to arrive at new bodies of work. 

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