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2022 Jill Price’s Unfurled uses reclaimed fur to challenge perspectives, The Fur Bearers (Blog), January 25

2021 Innisfil art gallery showcasing ‘Women in Sculpture’ by Miriam King, Barrie Today, August 23

2021 Art meets history as experts tackle the impact of the fur trade, Orillia Matters Staff, Aug 9

2021 Pros and cons of fur trade in area to be debated at museum talk, Midland Today Staff. Jul 5

2021 OMAH transformed into historic parlour for unique exhibit, Orillia Matters, May 5


2019 London art gallery celebrates female artists on International Women's Day, by J.Belanger, London Free Press, March 4


2019 Influential female artists honoured at Westland Gallery, Post Media News, March 6


2019 Between Time & Eternity:  Two Legacies Exhibition Essay by Emily McGibbon, MacLaren Art Centre


2018 Toronto Design Week 2018: 100 Things We Loved – Designlines, Material Witness by Jill Price


2017 Must-Sees This Week: August 10 to 16, 2017, Canadian Art

2016 Beyond Vision: Sensing neglected senses in Contemporary Art by E. Cluett, Spring 2016 (OCAD InStudio)

2015 Look At This: Slip & London Street Scenes @ Westland Gallery, Vince Cherniak - May 28, 2015 (The London Yodeller)

2014 Some Restrictions Apply Catalogue

2013 Westland Gallery Grand Opening Catalogue

2013 Jill Price October’s Featured Artist by Jennifer Klemmenti (Sunday Crush Blog)

2013 Tangled Realities at Gallery 111, March 2013 (Barrie Advance)

2013 Jill Price Process-ed Exhibit at The Art Exchange, January 2013, (The Beat Magazine)

2013 Artist Examines Suburban Culture, January 15, 2013, by Joe Belanger (London Free Press)

2012 Soupstock, October 21, 2012 (Artists, Innovators & Visionaries Toronto)

2012 “Art ce Soir part of Barrie's Culture Days”, by Susan Doolan, Friday, September 28 (Barrie Examiner)

2012 “The Right Piece”, by Susan Doolan, Wednesday, September 5 (Barrie Examiner)

2012 Artist Profile: Jill Price by C. Winter, July/Aug, 2012, pg 78-79, Good Life Magazine (Barrie)

2012 Artists Combine Art and Text at the Mad and Noisy, by Eleanor Brownridge, March 30, Creemore Echo

2012 Artist Ponders Modern Conveniences, by Stan Howe, March 15, pg 31 (Barrie Advance)

2012 Who I’ll Have My Eyes on at TAP 2012 by Randy Hryhorczuk , Jan. 16,

2011 “Let’s Talk Art with Jill Price” by Moshe Mikanovsky Art, Nov. 11,

2011 “Jill Price / Artist holds exhibition with Barrie focus”, by S. Doolan, Aug. 25, 2011, pg. C1 (Barrie Examiner)

2011 “Featured Artist Jill Price” by Carolyn Edlund, Artsy Shark, July 15, 2011,

2011 “On the canvas” by Kathy Rumleski, April 7, 2011, pg (London Free Press)

2011 “Cultural Collages by Jill Price”, by Mark Wretham March 2011, page 29, (Snap Barrie)

2011 “Rural Transitions: To Barrie and Back”, Jan. 28th, 2011, Greenbelt’s Posterous (web)

2011 “Price Reflects on Changing Landscapes”, by Narayan Chattergoon, Jan 20, 2011, The Western Gazette

2011 “Artist Comes Full Circle”, by Susan Doolan, Jan. 6, 2011, pg C1, The Barrie Examiner

2010 “Timeraiser Benefits Charities”, by Jonathon Sher, Apr. 9, pg. A5 (London Free Press)

2010 “My Favourite Room: At Home with the Art of Carol Kehoe” by N. Evans, Mar/Apr, pg 36 (City Woman)

2006 “Breathe Deeply: Open Air III Hits London”, by Chris Morgan, July 6, 06, pg. 25 (Scene Mag.)

2006 “ Look Up, Look Way Up at the Streetscape Banners”, by Ben Benedict, July 5th 2006, pg 17 (The Londoner)

2006 “Open Air to bring Londoners downtown”, by Kathy Rumleski, June 28th, 2006, pg C6 (London Free Press)

2006 “ Eleven Artists to Hang in the Core” by Barry Wells, June 2006, pg 6, (ArtScape Magazine)

2006 “Banner Creators Named”, Free Press Staff, April 7th, 2006, pg. C7 (London Free Press)

2006 “A Miniature Leap of Faith”, by Susan Scott, Issue One, pg 6 (Artscape)

2005 “Influencing Art”, by Mary Baxter, Winter 2005, pg 9-11 (SouthWest Life in London)

2005 “ The Creative City: Future Creative”, by Ben Benedict, July 6, page B6 (The Londoner)

2005 “The Future of Creativity”, by Kym Wolfe, July 27, pg 10 (London This Week)

2005 “ A Promising Future”, by Simon Cheung, July 21, pg 23 (Scene Magazine)

2005 “ You Are Here” by Alan Heatherington, May , pg 12, (Q Magazine, London)

2005 “An exhibition of map works helps celebrate London’s sesquicentennial”, by B. Benedict, Jun.15, (The Londoner, Lon.)

2003 " Artist puts New Twist to Landscapes", By Deborah Creatura, June 12th, (Sarnia Observer)

2000 “The Bod Squad: More than a Handful” (The Gazette, May 7th)

2000 “Exhibit uses satire to tackle female sexuality.” Joe Matyas (London Free Press, Apr 20, C6)

2000 “Beauty Myth be damned, here comes THE BOD SQUAD!” By Ron Johnson (Scene Mag., Apr. 6, pg 17)

2000 “ Around the Town” by Ken Wightman (London Free Press, April 30th, page 15)

1998 “Ground Breaker” by Sandra Coulson (London Free Press, November 22, D1)

1998”Art and About” by Ron Johnson (Scene Magazine, November 19, page 20)

1998 “On Exhibit” by Sandra Coulson (London Free Press, November 11th, 1998)

1997 “The Visual Arts: Four Perspectives, One Vision” By Sylvia Curtis Norcross (Scene Mag. Aug 21, Cov, 12, 13.

1997 “Kudos for Jill Price” by Ron Martin (Scene Magazine, May 29, page 4)

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