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UN/making the Frame draws attention to the “liveliness” and value of  everyday objects while considering how frames and their frameworks often control  or limit one’s perception and use of “things.”  A self-reflexive critique of how I have been co-opted into consuming, producing, disseminating and discarding within systems of global capitalism, I resisted creating more work. Starting from the lines contained in one of my still-lifes  entitled Landscape on Table, I used black painter’s tape, my personal collection of  “objects” and other un/made artworks to extend the image into the architectural  space of the gallery and draw attention to how our exterior and interior worlds are physically and psychically linked.  Wishing to create a multi-sensory experience that visualizes how art, regardless of  its format, is not two-dimensional nor static, but rather takes up space way  beyond its site of display, I call on you to uptake the instructional prompts around  the gallery so as to help activate the space, visualize the “vibrancy” of things and  demonstrate how human interactions matter. 

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