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GROUNDLINGS are a series of photos on
Instagram arrived at from spotting, photographing,
ollecting, and caring for lost and discarded textiles.
Physically indexing human bodies, these
ready-mades echo how the environment and
humans are disregarded and ignored within global
chains of production, dissemination, consumption
and disposal.


Aware of the risk of flattening non-human and human material through their anthropomorphization, this series led me to experience first hand what Bennet is saying when she writes, Jane Bennet argues, “Hoarders may have an exceptional awareness of the extent to which all bodies can intertwine, infuse, ally, undermine, or compete with those in its vicinity,”  Insights have also expanded to acknowledge and come more in relation to local ecologies of homelessness and bodies often deemed as excess by the neo-liberal capitalist powers that be.  By only picking up textiles, I have also come in relation with how much other material remains on the ground and how each one of those objects embodies another tightly woven tapestry of physical, social, political, economic and psychological material.  Once clean and undone to different stages, these textiles have been incorporated into a variety of my Entanglements

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