Jill Price, Entanglement - Self Portrait (the Artist), reclaimed knitwear
LUSH, Installation shot of Jill Price's Entanglements
Jill Price, Entanglemet - Material Girls, reclaimed knitwear, cake stand and thrifted porc
Jill Price, LUSH installation shot, be contemporary
Jill Price, Entanglement - The Diva, reclaimed knitwear, wall shelf and porcelain figurine
Jill Price, Entanglement - rivalry, reclaimed knits, porcelain figurines and wall sconces.
Jill Price, Entanglement_ Wall Flower
Jill Price, Entanglement_ Over Indulgence
Jill Price, Entanglements, Be Contemporary
Jill Price, Entanglement - Survivor, 2021, reclaimed knits and porcelain figurine
Jill Price, Entanglements: Regally Blind, 2020
Jill Price, Entanglement_ Addict
Jill Price, Ruby Entanglement, 2017
Jill Price, Entanglements - Unsettled Seating
Jill Price, Entanglements (Installation) Durham Art Gallery
Jill Price, Over Dressed, 2019
Jill Price, Entanglements, 2018, reclaim
Jill Price, Cozied Clutter
JIll Price, The Afterthought, 2019
Jill Price, Entanglement-The Water Carrier
Jill Price, Entanglements - High Tea, 20
Jill Price, Entanglements_Knit Knacks, 2
Jill Price, Entanglement, The Blind Shep
Jill Price, Entanglement - Unsettling Times
Jill Price, Entanglement - Knitten, 2020
Jill Price, Entanglement-Blind Faith,  2
Jill Price, Entanglement - Emerald Hive,
Jill Price, Entanglement - Crimson, 2017
Jill Price, Entanglement: They, Them, re

ENTANGLEMENTS are a series of soft sculptures materially embodying the global economic and ecological realities of the Anthropocene.  Often working with found clothing and thrift store objects, each piece aims to communicate how all things are part of the same material cycle, where humans become objects, objects become land, land becomes human and objects effect physical geographies way beyond sites and moments of production.  

Artist Talks, Press and Essays:

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