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Curated by Jill Price

May  - July, 2021
Bonavista, Newfoundland


Exhibiting artists: Valerie Carew (ON), Twyla Exner (BC), Emily Jan  (QC), Jennifer Anne Kelly (ON), Bev Koski (BC), Pat Loucks & Violet Rosengarten (NS), Robyn Love  (NL), Michael M. Simon (ON), Stephanie Stoker & Susan Furneaux (NL), Dr. Amanda White,(ON), Everett Wong, (BC

REcrafted is an exhibition of contemporary craft from across Canada that will celebrate creatives who use unmaking as a method to arrive at new reconfigurations of physical and cultural material so as to offer up alternative narratives and engagement with the worlds around us. Click on the logo or the facebook link to find out other details about this national celebration of craft and register for participation at a series of workshops.

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