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TANGLED REALITIES  were Inspired by my summer trips to the beach where I observed human interactions from a seventh floor condo. Each work presents a constructed reality stemming from specific moments captured through my digital lens.  Acquired images are painted and then appliquéd atop fragments of French toile, inviting interpretation of more subtle imagery such as one’s body position, objects being carried or one’s stance in relation to others. With no faces to inform these interpretations, the viewer can not help but arrive at a story that incorporates their own experiences in relation to what they are seeing.  


Occasionally present the viewer with glimpses of a more precise perspective, these works force the viewer to acknowledge personal perspectives.  In seeking to explore and explain the way in which the personal informs the global and vice-versa, these narratives not only draw attention to the importance of context, but also ask us to acknowledge the assumptions we often make when in fact reality is abstract due to the multiplicity of truths that exist within any given interaction with another.

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