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AN UNTWISTING is the second stage of a durational performance in which I work to undo a stained and shrunken wool poncho purchased while travelling through Portugal. At times working with children and other visitors to untwist two toned yarn, discussions arose around how small, meditative and repetitive gestures, carried out collectively over time and space, could be considered monumental. Often alone in the gallery to carry out the motion of untwisting, the quiet solitude provided physical and chronological space to closely observe how this action could teach me something. Although only metaphorical, with each additional pulling apart of the yarn I was able to see parallels between the outcomes of my varied gestures in relation to the process of decolonization.  If done slowly and patiently, the process would go more smoothly. If done alone or unilaterally, too slow. If done collectively and with consensus, the process would be more enjoyable and successful, or if done by force and quickly, there will be friction and even breakage.   

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