Taking on an interdisciplinary and theoretical approach to landscapes, Undoings are a series of sculptures that look at the intersection of painting and textiles while attempting to visualize the abstractness of the universal arrangements that connect us and present non-linear narratives that play with the ideas of context, reality and the perception of both.  


These “undoings” are the result of deconstructing a multitude of personal 2D paintings to arrive at 3D configurations of form, colour and pattern that allude to the layered and complexity of different types of environments or cultural settings. Rotatable and flexible, each work produces a multitude of arrangements that allows the audience to see the composition from new perspectives and different vantage points.  Their abject forms and potential to be in a constant state of change draws attention to how one’s experience or relationship to a site, human, nature or thing is extremely personal, shifting and always other.

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