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Are you okay to talk about your practice, but have difficulty putting it into writing?  Or, do you need someone to write an exhibition essay or review of your most recent exibition or body of work?  If you need help, let my experience as a curator, interviewer, and published writer help put your context, concepts and content into the written form while hitting upon some of the important contemporary discourse in the art world. 


After conducting a thorough interview about you and your most recent work, clients will be provided with an initial draft of the essay to review. 


Upon review, I will meet with you one on one over zoom to discuss any necessary edits, ommissions or additions that need to occur prior to presenting you with a final piece of writing that can be used for artist applications, media outlets, catalogue essays or other online or physical publications. 


During the editting process, I will track all changes so you can double check that edit suggestions were made to align with feedback garnered during our draft discussions. Please leave atleast two weeks for turn around time to account for my existing schedule or workload. 

Art Writing ( $1 per word - min 250 words)

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