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Do you have difficulty tranferring your practice into words? If you are an artist who know's exactly what they are doing, but resents having to write about it, this may the service for you. By investing in an Artist Statement Tool Kit you will have access to professional artist statements that clearly communicate your intent as an artist and locate is a broader social discourse. where you are located within your artistic practice.  After answering a small set of questions, looking at your work and having a conversation by phone or by skype, I will identify key words you need to consistently use when talking about your work so as to reflect the current discourse and professionalism sought after by public and private galleries. Once agreed upon, these words will be used to draft three standardized sized artist statements (100 wds, 150 wds, 250 wds). This range of artist statements will enable you to meet different guidelines and word limitations outlined in artist calls, gallery applications or online platforms. After reading the first draft you will then have an opportunity to request one set of edits. I look forward to writing with you. Jill

Artist Statement Tool Kit

  • Artists will be expected to answer a set of questions, proof read the draft of their text, and send clear suggestions or requests for 1 round of editing.  

  • Where were you born?
    If your childhood informs your practice today, tell me about it.
    Why did you become an artist?
    What training as an artist have you received?  Note: Workshops, reading art books, courses, residencies, retreats, private lessons with friends or family all count too.  No one is self-taught!
    Where do you live now?
    How does your environment impact or affect your art?
    Who has influenced your practice and how? artists or family or both?
    If your day to day work crosses into your art practice, tell me about it.
    What media do you work with?
    Why do you work with this media?
    What subject matter do you explore?
    Why does this subject interest you?
    Where do we see you within your work?
    Are there any struggles you have endured that are important to your practice or your story?
    Are there any accomplishments you have had that are important to your story and where you want to go as an artist?


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