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Florence bound tomorrow!

Well it is the night before the big trip to Italy and I am teetering between excitement and anxiety! My clothes are packed and it is taking every bit of discipline not to shove one more pair of shoes into my suitcase. Even packing my art supplies has been difficult as every time I go into the depths of my studio I find one more set of drawing materials I want to take with me. Besides most of my luggage being all set to go, I still have much to do in the morning; purchase Euros, pick up one more small sketchbook at Curry's, call my mother and father to say my arrivedercis and thank yous, call my credit card to let them know I will be doing a little bit of spending out of country and hopefully finish cleaning up after the whirlwind of last minute packing that is bound to happen.

Exciting news is that my cinefoil order has arrived today! I will not give it away what I will be doing with this cool material, but I have definitely been inspired by the process of Maxwell and Hadley. Bad news is that my new go pro camera has not arrived yet and I will need it to document the performative drawing projects I have planned in the city's squares. Fingers crossed it gets here before hubby comes for a little visit.

For those of you who have pre-purchased a sketch, thank you again for you support. Subscribe to my website to get daily updates from my blog or visit my facebook page to check in on how the drawings are going.

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