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Belonging to Place, Dr. Julie Nagam
Started as part of Nuit Blanche, Dr. Julie Nagam explores the potential of the space that lies between for its potential to share and experience different types of knowledge and ways of knowing and being that can lead to gentle unsettlings and UN/making of oneself.  Nagam's conversations "with artists, elders, arts leaders and scholars from around the globe uncover the stories and connections between cultures, communities, and the environment, to transform the future of public art."


An Idiot’s Guide to Saving the World, Gail Gallie & Loyiso Madinga

  • The Wild with Andy McDonald & Jonathan Caron

  • Women Mind the Water, Dr. Pam Ferris-Olso

  • Forces For Nature, Crystal DiMiceli

  • Art & Ecology, Liz Jensen


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Vibrant Matter, 2010, Jane Bennett

A powerful book that helps one to UN/make the idea that non-human or non-living objects aren't alive.  Specifically drawing attention to how non-organic materials and non-human phenomena are assemblages of material that can contribute to or inform causality of outcomes, whether it be off-gassing into the air or creating the collapse of global power grids, each chapter outlines how humans aren't in complete control over that which they are handling, consuming, managing, designing or using, which in turn calls on citizens to de-alienate themselves from the Anthropocenic Systems that have co-opted populations into perpetuating systems of harm. 


The Enchantment of Modern Life: Attachments, Crossings and Ethics, 2002, Jane Bennett

This charming read encourages readers to UN/make the mystery or distance that lies between consumers and that which is being consumed so that one can become more empowered in deciding what and how they use their buying power as well as demystify how different objects, materialities and capitalism are working upon us so that we can more intentionally use these same tools to move forward more eco-ethical agendas to help UN/make systems of harm. This book also outlines the unproductiveness of sitting in a state of disenchantment by encouraging citizens to become enchanted with that which is unenchanting about the world so as move into action. 

Dictionary of the Undoing, 2019, John Freeman

Encouraging publics to UN/make themselves from the comfort of their seemingly safe homes and set down their books, this is a great little soft-cover read outlining how words are not enough as the rights of citizens, communities, democracy, language and culture are constantly under attack due to unjust systems of power and false news that work to create dissent between populations. 


Unthinking Mastery, Julietta Singh


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