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It wasn’t ten minutes after the successful completion of my MFA thesis defense at OCADUthat I had professors and advisors asking me, “Now what?”. I could feel my eyes go wide and my jaw drop as I didn’t expect this from my academic and artistic peers. This is the type of question you get from the worried parents or the post-secondary naysayers who don’t believe that an arts degree will get you anywhere. I answered, ” Sleep, eat, edit and sleep some more”.

Still in the editing stage and frantically looking to offset the debt I have incurred over the last two years, the focus I had for my research over the last two years has quickly dissipated in order to make ends meet, disseminate my work and start an arms length list of projects that were never realized during school. Re-organizing my office, studio and closets has also become a major task as I try to make room for the work created for my thesis exhibition. These tasks are often undermined by the urgency to update my personal website and other online media to reflect the transformation of my practice and update qualifications so that I can contact all those who might hire or exhibit a recent MFAgraduate.

All in all, it feels as though the last two years were really play, and it is now time that I need to get to work putting all of that learning and research to work outside of institutional walls.

One blog down, and many more to go.

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