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Well today was the day where I finally let go of any imperfections that may still exist in my thesis paper and uploaded it to the digital world. It was amazing how many times I was able to refine each sentence to arrive at statements that were less informed by my personal beliefs and reflective more of the research. As I reread each paragraph over and over, I could help but feel a bit of nostalgia for the last two years of intense study and making. For those of you who wonder what 50 pages of academic studio writing look like, feel free to check out the link.

Now teaching at both OCAD U and Georgian College while continuing to curate at Quest Art, it seems like ages ago that my focus was on my work and not on the work of others. Don’t get me wrong, the work of others is extremely exciting and inspiring. I still get excited at pulling together an exhibition of disparate work and making it work, and there is nothing like watching a young artist have a break through in their practice.

The most difficult thing about being back in the work force full time is finding the time to administer or further research your own practice. The mark making and assemblage of materials always comes easy to me, but continuing to push or refine the work takes quiet contemplation and focus. My husband is also not thrilled that I am now teaching at two different schools that have different breaks! This makes it extra difficult for him to schedule holidays.

What I can’t seem to figure out is how do teachers figure out how to do one of the many amazing artist residencies out there? Getting time off from my curatorial role hasn’t been a problem, but as an educator you are extremely limited to applying to summer residencies when everyone else is! Just one more first world problem I will need to deal with.

So now what? A two page summary report on my travels this summer needs to get done!

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