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Time for Planting a Theory for UN/making

A picture of a large irregular shaped garden filled with weeds.
Union Gallery Garden before composting. Fall 2022

Well it has been a long journey and yet there is still so much to do. On Tuesday morning, my husband and I will use our 25th wedding anniversary to dig out the remaining daffodils from the Union Gallery Garden in preparation for planting my PhD thesis in the afternoon. Still needing to finish writing my outcomes and conclusion, letter press an UN/making Methodology, update my website with the UN/making Dictionary and upload two more interviews for the UN/maker Series, the summer will seem long but go fast! To everyone who has supported this enriching and laborious line of research and action, this includes all those who also informed the outcomes of my MFA, I am extremely grateful. Please be sure to join me on Tuesday, May 16th starting at noon, either onsite outside of the Stauffer Library and Union Gallery or follow my online feed on Instagram as I begin to lay down pages of my thesis into the newly enriched soil of the Union Gallery Garden. Written with water-soluble graphite on handmade seed paper created from old works on paper generated during my MFA, human language / theory will begin to disappear with the garden's very first watering so that words become action and expressions of plant life can begin to take root. To read more about the project visit the Union Gallery Website and keep up to date on the progress of the garden and my thesis completion via the UN/making Network Instagram page.



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