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Time to Harvest!

Well there is still more UN/maker interviews to be published and I am slowly updating the UN/making Dictionary before I begin developing a comprehensive library that can help creatives UN/make themselves from systems of harm as well as assist in the care and repair of the planet, but I have finally reached the final stage of my research-creation Ph.D. entitled From Unsettling to UN/making: A Critical Methodology for UN/making Anthropocenic Perspectives and Gestures Towards Land.

A yellow advertisement announcing the time and place for Jill Price's seed collection which shows two different types of seeds already gathered in zip lock bags
Union Gallery Advertisement designed by Abby Nowakowski

Scheduled to submit my final thesis paper on September 30th, UN/MAKING LOSS: Collecting Seeds for the Future is the

final performance in which I will collect seeds generated by the garden I planted at Union Gallery on Queen's University Campus. Join me on Thursday the 21st from 12-3 p.m. to ensure wildflower seeds will be planted and bloom again next year.

Participants will be able to help collect seeds to take and receive one of my newly created sheets of seed paper incorporating seeds collected from the garden earlier this summer. Everyone is also invited to share the results of their planting with the @unmakingnetwork during the spring and summer of 2024.

Interested in where some of my seed paper has been planted so far? Visit my From Unsettling to UN/making Google Map to check out people who have taken sheets of my thesis to place in the ground elsewhere.



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